- Born and raised in Calizuela (California)

- Los Angeles based deep underground visual artist

- his merciless depiction exposes the utmost evil, underhanded and nefarious conducts of today's world stage players

- his sharp pencil captures the sinister absurdity and shocking grotesqueness of each character 

- in a Daumier-esque fashion, Niktwit outpours his incredulity and frustration through his astounding drawing skills.

- his artwork is a mozaic display of vile, corrupt and ridiculous antics of political and celebrity clowns

- His artistic language is filled with raw and brutal symbolism, and its up to YOU, the viewer, to decode the miriad of hidden messages residing in NIKTWIT's unforgiving satire.

As Seen On The PatriotsInTune Show!

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Trump's magical exposure of Medical Frauds Inc.

Buckling US

From sea to shining sea United States is buckling and folding at the seams. ONE man is able to prevent total collapse.

Dr. Death and the Quacks

WuJab toxic brew, Chynden, America's Dr. Death, Nutzy Klaus Schwab, Billindo's call to cull in the Great Reset...or Mass Psychosis.

"When you're sick and tired of Main Stream non-sensical humor and you just wanna shiv a motherfucker, I relax and learn the truth by solving Niktwit's hysterical visual puzzles"

Trey Cloudy - San Quentin State Prison

"If a picture is worth a 1,000 words, I'll look at Niktwit's crap anyday cause I can't stand reading."

Claude Kipsy III - Political Junky

I am amazed by the level of detail in Niktwit's artwork. It's truly breathtaking!

Sammy - Political Activist

Niktwit's art goes from the heart straight to the pencil...by way of the large colon.

Dr. Shuv Inhaus -Hemorrhoids Center of Los Angeles

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